Curriculum, Schedule &
Parallel Program Tuition

The Curriculum of ECI's Post-Graduate Studies (PGS) consists of more than 500 class-hours per Direction, with courses, complemented with Special Events and hands-on Labs, as follows:

  • Inter-Disciplinary courses are compulsory for all Directions and usually consist of 370 class hours

  • The Direction courses, which are unique to every Post-Graduate Program (PGP) consist of at least 140 class hours

  • All classes require mandatory physical or online attendance. Some are hybrid (i.e. class in a hall attending a remotely offered lecture or lab)

  • Part of the curriculum is offered in the Krems Campus - Vienna, Austria. Accommodation expenses (excluding transportation) are included in the Programs' tuition fees.

  • Depending on circumstances and availability, some classes are open to the ECI Community

  • Special Events (SE) usually host distinguished guest speakers

  • Special Events (SE) and Labs are often offered as a free service to invited Professionals and Citizens.

  • There are 3 ongoing Labs in 2022

You can also view the MA Programmes Syllabi and the courses' Outlines.

During the SARS-COV2 pandemic, all classes have been taking place online. This allowed offering our Post-Graduate students and the members of the ECI Community access to all Directions' courses, as part of our innovative Parallel Program. After two pilot years, starting in 2023 and subject to seats availability, the Parallel program is also available to the general public, with the following fees.

Please note that the Schedule is subject to minor changes and, subject to seats availability, Labs and Guest Lectures are open to the public free of charge (look out for invitations on our Social Media).

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