Typical Curriculum

The Curriculum of ECI's Post-Graduate Studies (PGS) consists of more than 500 class-hours per Direction, with courses, complemented with Special Events and hands-on Labs, as follows:

  • Inter-Disciplinary courses, are compulsory for all directions and consist usually of 370 class hours

  • The Direction courses, which are unique to every Post-Graduate Program (PGP) consist of minimum 140 class hours

  • All classes require mandatory physical or electronic attendance. Some are hybrid (i.e. class in a hall attending a remotely offered lecture or lab)

  • Part of the classes is offered in the Krems Campus - Vienna, Austria. Accomodation expenses (excluding transportation) are included in the Programs' tuition.

  • Depending on circumstances and availability some classes are open to the ECI Community

  • Special Events usually host distinguished guest speakers

  • Special Events (SE) and Labs are often offered as a free service to invited Professionals and Citizens.

  • There are 3 ongoing Labs in 2022

During the pandemic, all classes have been taking place online. This allows giving our Post-Graduate students and the members of the ECI Community access to all Directions' courses, as part of our innovative Parallel Program.

ECI Curriculum